Hine Waitai - Dye

Hine Waitai-Dye

4th Gen Founding Member, Taiao team

Hine has been studying Waka building at the New Zealand Māori Institute of Arts and Crafts, and she wishes to continue this mahi as well as her work as a Tā Moko artist her upbringing in Te Taitokerau has informed her strong knowledge of Mātauranga Toi. 

Hine has assisted with the building of waka for the Suquamish Nation and contributed to the construction of canoes in Hilo, Hawaii and the recent Rātā waka symposium in Whāngarei. Hine is a strong role model for Māori women, unafraid to enter areas usually seen as the realm of men in tā moko, whakairo and canoe building; and when having acquired these skills and experiences continues to return home to her iwi of Ngāti Kuri, thereby demonstrating her commitment to te hau kāinga’. Hine has contributed as a claimant whanau and future leader for Ngati Kuri in the development of a WAI262 work programme and will be part of the team to undertake Māori to Māori engagement throughout the country. As a young Māori artist Hine knows firsthand the struggles to retain our own intellectual property as Māori. Through it all, she continues to remain her authentic self and leads with purpose and passion within the arts and Taiao – Environment. Hine is the Ringatoi creative person for her Iwi Environmental team, uplifting creative practice the environment and has led many restorative projects particularly on our Islands of Rangitāhua (Kermadec Islands) and Manatāwhi (Three Kings) she is also a founder of Fourth Generation (4thGen).  A group of passionate young adults engaged in environmental management and biodiversity conservation, in our ancestral lands.  The 4th Gen members have the desire to live and work daily to protect and restore our lands and waters to our original form.