He Waiora, He Puna Mātauranga

High level objectives of the network

  • Wellbeing of Ngāti Kuri coastal communities as well as resilience to challenges linked to global warming, pollution, coastal hazards such as tsunami, biosecurity, damage caused to aquaculture.
  • Thrivability of taiao and taonga.
  • Need for new approaches and investments with the area  becoming more and more popular with tourists, often associated with extractive activities (e.g., game fishing charters).
  • Renovating a deep relationship with the moana and the  longstanding relationships with manu. 
  • Reclamation, revitalisation, and rejuvenation of knowledge about navigation and traditional voyaging and Ngāti Kuri connection with the moana.
  • Zero extinction pledge for taonga for the 4th Gen Group of young kaitiaki 
  • Creating connections between whānau and ocean knowledge, ideally with an environmental campus/ocean outreach center where knowledge is not just in books but in stories shared and transmitted by people across generations.
  • Creating new knowledge guided by mātauranga-a-iwi (e.g., maramataka, how do we use space respectfully, what knowledge can be shared, how and with whom)
Rob Smith
Sheridan Waitai
Sheridan Waitai
Ngati Kuri, Te Ara Whānui Trustee Walter Wells
Walter Wells

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