Rautaki - Kaupapa Māori research and development

Waikato – Ngāti Mahuta, Te Ahiwaru

Rautaki is a kaupapa Māori research and development organization.

Began in 2005, Rautaki was initiated as a whanau enterprise by Dr Jenny Lee-Morgan, Peter Lee and Maryann Lee, to undertake research, education and digital resource development. Today, Dr Jenny Lee-Morgan and Eruera Lee-Morgan are the directors of Rautaki. Our intent is to undertake research and cultural development that contributes to the well-being of whānau, hapu, marae, iwi and the community.

The word rautaki literally means, ‘rau’ – one hundred, and ‘taki’ – to be together. Often translated to mean ‘strategic’, rautaki aptly symbolizes the way in which our organisation works and believes achievements can be made – through partnership, collaboration and working together. We utilise a multi-disciplinary approach to solve real-world issues and respond to the complex challenges that face our communities and organisations. We are proud to bring together in Rautaki a stellar team of Māori researchers, practitioners and leaders.

key contact

co-director Jenny Lee-Morgan