thomas hvid

Thomas Hvid

4th Gen Founding Member

He iti hoki te mokorua nāna i kakati te kahikatoa the mokorua maybe small but it cuts through tea tree Born and raised in Houhora, with a huge love for the Whenua in the Ngati Kuri rohe.

Thomas is passionate about making sure our ngahere, whenua and people are at absolute prosperity, with a specific passion towards Insects/invertebrate which drives a huge passion for conservation of our Tonga species, specifically those special and endemic to us Ngati Kuri people. He has been instrumental in the restoration of Rata Mohau  and worked alongside botanical gardens to develop a breeding programme to return over 2,000 plants home in the next 3 years. 

My personal goal for 4th gen is to support my whanau as much as I can and help them along with their goals and my personal goal would be for our people to be educated on the whenua and taonga species and for all knowledge to be shared and passed, for conjoined prosperity of all Ngati Kuri people and all the wonders the whenua holds